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Undoubtedly  business is  an amazingly  enjoyable profession. We  started trading muri purchasing from whole-sale  markets. In no time the business got a gigantic sale. Retailer turns  into whole saler.



The  conventional method of selling becomes threadbare and new idea of packetting  which   was ridiculed  and persistent selling  resulted in acceptance  among the  customers. Packetted muri became popular.

Muri was then branded  as DIAMOND MURI which  was several  times duplicated “illegally. We  got TM in 2000 and Registration or ® mark in 2005 having the No. 1383423 and Copyright or © mark in 05.07.2017 having the No.  A-118161/2017



Diamond  muri is baked  in Chandannagar under my strict supervision and processed and packetted at  our factory at 10, A.K. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 090 where every caution is taken keeping it in the mind about health and hygiene  of the customers or muri users.Muri-making device has been improved and modified and it is pollution free as the  device is run by electrical power. The  packets are also made of authorized polythene, use of  which is not  harmful like  those  which are easily available  in the markets.



Muri is of course a wonderful  food stuff  which can be used to prepare various  tasty and  nutritious dishes (a) it is eaten with mustard oil, onion and cucumber  (b) it is dipped in milk with sugar, (c) it is dipped in water with sugar and (d) it may be taken with various food stuff according to  the choice of the users. It has  always been  a  popular and  compulsory item of the Bengalees  in all  meetings and sittings  with  Chops  and Green-chilies.